Delivery!! Operation Christmas Child

Did you track your boxes that you sent for Operation Christmas Child? We did and we received our notification several weeks ago. I'm just now finding time to share this with you but I was excited and our boys were too!

Our boxes were delivered to little hands in Ecuador and Guyana. We all pulled out the map so the kids knew exactly where those places were. It's so amazing to me to know that something we put together is now half way across the world!

As I mentioned during our packing this year, our boys got into packing their boxes, specifically Caleb. He was packing, repacking and packing some more! He really would have loved to visit the processing center with us. Although, I'm not sure how efficient he would have been!

Because of his excitement, we have decided to pack a box each month throughout the year. I have purchased nearly all the items we will need already. The best deals I got were in the Dollar Bin at Target when they were HALF OFF!! I also have tons of sandles I purchased last year so we can choose the ages based on the sizes of shoes we got. That should be random and fun!

You wanna join in too? To pack 12 in 2011? We'll likely pack more (since it's like fishes and loaves and everything multiplies) but that is our commitment in 2011 for Operation Christmas Child!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on January 28, 2011

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  • Alyssa - January 29, 2011 @ 3:01 pm

    Just a note that often the kids don’t have anywhere to keep the items they get, other than in the box they’re sent in. It’s really nice to send them in the plastic shoe bins which are more durable and longer lasting than regular shoe boxes. You can often find the plastic shoe boxes for $1, just make sure the lids lock on well (they sometimes don’t on the cheaper bins). Just a little thought for everyone. You can still wrap them in decorative paper, or even just use some cute stickers on the bins and not wrap them.

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