5 Tips for Creating Your Weekly Meal Plan

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Welcome Living Dayton Viewers!  Today, we discussed a 5 quick tips to help you create and stick to your weekly meal plan.  This will not only help you to have a healthy nutritious meal for your family every night but help you save lots of money, too. If you missed the segment, you can watch it here.

1. Create a shopping list.  Use the grocery store sale ads to find the best deals on meat, produce and staple items.  Also, check out our weekly coupon match up for the best deals.  You can even download our free-grocery-shopping-list-printable-template-bw.

2. Create a 5 Day Meal Plan.  If you are just starting to meal plan, write down your top 30 dinners for your family.  Use this list to come up with five dinner ideas and plan a night for leftovers. To save on dining out, pick a restaurant where Kids Eat Free.

3. Download a mobile app.  If you are an android user, try the grocery savings app.  It will have the best deals and coupon match-ups to take the guess work out of couponing.  You can use apps or texting to download coupons to your cell phone such as the Cellfire, Kroger, or Meijer mPerks.

4. Stick to the Perimeter of the Store.  This will help you to stick to your list along with purchasing meat, produce and dairy products.  Keep your list and coupons handy for any deals that come along.  Pick the generic items or purchase family packs or bulk to save as well.

5. Keep Your Refrigerator and Pantry Organized.  This will help you to find your ingredients quickly for easy prepping in the morning for dinner. I love to start the crockpot after breakfast to have dinner ready before or after my boys sports.  My favorite meal is to make shredded chicken in the crockpot.  Just add a few chicken breasts as well as chicken broth and set in on low.  It will be ready in about 4 – 5 hours.

If you would like to learn more strategies to save on grocery shopping or meal planning, be sure to attend one of my upcoming couponing classes at the Dayton Metro Library this summer.

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on May 22, 2013

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