Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp

Chad Johnson

The boys just got back from the Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp with their aunt (my BFF). Of course, they get so excited about who they will get autographs of. Actually, they were strategizing over who would sign what hat, helmet, shirt, etc. It's quite amusing, especially since I really could care less about football (unless our T is playing ;).

After they were finished, I called BFF to see who they were able to get pics/autographs from. Of course, I only know some of the bigger/more vocal names on the team. Again, I'm not a huge fan, but the kids tell me who is *important.*

I was bummed for them that they didn't get some people they wanted since there were two lines for autographs this year. Which is a smart strategy for the players so they can be on their way, I know it takes a lot of their time. As a mom with children who love the game and players, I truly appreciate it!

So, I tweeted this referencing Chad Johnson:

And, I will be honest, I was completely surprised he responded back!

Now, Chad. If we DID see you signing stuff for the kids, please know I would have tweeted you a thanks!! We visit every year and this is the highlight for our boys (Football Fanatics). But, you ran past them. Like, as in literally running. Maybe you did take time today (and thanks for those people that you did give time to), but you missed the cutest kids that were there (YES, I'm biased).

The picture above was a shot we took of Chad Johnson from the 2006 Cincinnati Bengals Training Camp. I remember it too. The attendants were getting us to chant his name coming out. I was like “Um…that's alright” but the other fans were all over it. I'm still perplexed at people's fascination with celebrities. Even my own kids' fascination with athletes. I guess it's because they look up to them. I bet if I forgot dinner one night, the would look up to me…hungry and angry probably. Wait, I have done that and they are angry!! :)

We visited the Bengals Training camp back in 2007 and didn't get any pictures or autographs with him since he was busy. But, we did get some other good ones like Carson, Caleb Miller (who I think is gone, but he was sooo sweet), Shayne Graham, Rudy Johnson (who I also think is gone but I don't follow the trading of everyone).

We skipped the camp last year and visited the Football Hall of Fame (which I'm sure he hopes to be in one day). And, this year the kids got several autographs of players, including Shayne Graham and Leon Hall. Those were a few they were looking forward to getting cards signed. Thanks you guys (if I knew your twitter handles, I would @ ya)!!

So, Chad, it's been 3 years now. I think it's about time we get another picture of you, don't you?!?! ;)

Oh, and I love your earrings in this pic! But, could have done without those earphones. Nike makes some awesome earbuds that stay in your ears while running – away from fans or making a touchdown, whatever. Maybe you can get a contract with them and do some twitter marketing ;)

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  • Briana - August 08, 2009 @ 2:54 pm

    Bummer! Maybe he really did have to go potty! LOL!

    We once saw one of my favorite Colts players at the time – Brandon Stokley at the mall and he signed a football for my husband – I was too nervous to say hi! :)

  • Joseph Harper - November 08, 2010 @ 6:27 pm

    I have not even began our Christmas Shopping, seems like it is approaching so fast and with 70 degree weather tis week it will make it more difficult.

  • Christy Boehmker - November 10, 2010 @ 8:47 am

    I have so much to do, I havent’ started yet. My son is coming home for Christmas before being deployed. I need to get started so I can spend time with him and not the malls & stores. I’ve never been to Holiday Market and would love to go.

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