Bring on the Pomp and Circumstance!

Caleb the Pre-School Graduate

Start singing the song because this lil' man walked to it last night! Yeap, my Caleb graduated pre-school. It was a pretty big night for him. He sang a few songs he learned, he looked completely adorable in his cap and gown, and he even got a diploma for all the challenging coloring he did over the past year (or two, he's been going for the past two years).

No, I wasn't emotional. I didn't really expect to be. I was just kinda like, another kid, another year, another summer looming around (next week). So, next week I might shed a tear since all three boys will be home with me! Oh, the insanity! I kid, I kid. I am proud of my lil' Caleb Bug for his accomplishments and will be counting down the days until he (and T) start school in the Fall! I am just so eager for them to learn is all :)

Oh, and just I had to share this. They had life-size little people (as you can see below). Each child decorated his/her little person. And, while I will not confirm or deny any of the drawing (but Caleb did). I will just say, my son knows where pretty much all of his body parts are :) And, I was CRACKING UP when I saw it!!! I hope it doesn't offend anyone :) I love that my kids are SO SMART!!

Caleb's Person with Creative Drawing

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on May 29, 2009


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