A Mom’s Thoughts…

As moms (and dads for any of you reading), I know we all have millions (gazillions) of things going on in our heads at any given second (or milli-second). I thought I would start this new snack segment to let you inside my head to see what I'm thinking about as I just finish my morning work-out….

  • OK, am I gonna burn enough calories today that meets my Sparkpeople fitness goals? Will I be able to stay within my calorie range today?
  • When is my 10-month old going to start sleeping through the night so I can actually wake up early and get a head start on my day? And, when will he stop teething?
  • Do I feel like going to Payless (since I'm a little sleep-deprived – see above) to get some new shoes and spend my “Big Fat Check” from Ebates…(Oh, how I love free money!)
  • I need to do some surveys I've received and I need to Bzzz more about my YoMommy yogurt.
  • Did I remember to log all my receipts into my grocery savings chart to see how much moola I've saved this week at all my stores? I am doing so good this year on my financial goals!
  • Did Walgreens receive my February ES Rebate yet? I can't wait to get my money back!!
  • To Do: Clean the house up and get my chicken cookin since my BFF is comin' over for dinner tonight (homemade noodles…YUM)!
  • Do I feel like driving to a RedBox near me to take advantage of that Free movie code this weekend?
  • Most importantly, have I spent time with my Savior this morning thanking Him for all the blessings he has bestowed upon me and allowing me to have my thoughts? If I haven't, when will I find an opportunity?

A lot of my thoughts are to do with all the things I snack about. I don't snack on things just to fill space – I only snack on stuff that I actually think about and think you might think about too (that was a lot of “thinks” now that I think about it..hehe)!

So, what are you thinking?…

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on February 28, 2008

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