A Mom’s Thoughts…

Today has been another crazy day, I guess what day isn't?? :-) There are a few things that I had going on in my mind as I'm able to sit down and just think:

  • Am I showing appreciation to my kids and hubby on a daily basis? They are the reason for me enjoying life as much as I do and I need to make sure they know how much I love 'em!
  • Stretch! This week's exercise has been strenuous on my body. I need to stretch really good so I can walk tomorrow :-)
  • Try to get pics posted on various sites to sell some stuff!
  • Switch up my menu plan tonight since we've been gone most of the day (and I forgot to thaw the chicken). I think tonight will be Saturday – and Saturday will be tonight…you get it.
  • Go shopping and get some more BBW FREEbies!!
  • What song am I going to highlight on Saturday's “Then Sings My Soul” meme. There are so many that I've thought of since the great news of Andon's healing!!

That's what's in my head right now. Blessings to ya!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on April 10, 2008

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