A Mom’s Thoughts…

Well, today has been another crazy day. We had a MOPS meeting, which is always nice, and I had to rush home to get my exercise in before picking up my son at pre-school. While I was working out, these thoughts came to me….

Do I have the internet parental control software updated on my son's laptop? Our speaker at MOPS spoke about protecting your children from the stuff in the media – and the internet is something I have to focus on since my son got a laptop for Christmas.

  • Log my calories and exercise into Sparkpeople. While I didn't have a weight loss this week, I can tell my body is changing because my clothes are getting baggy..YES! While I was running, I was thinking “c'mon bathing suit season – I'll be ready this year!” I hope :-)
  • Check my balance in my Revolution Money account – last I checked, I had enough to pay for our hotel during our one-night stay during Spring Break. All for doing, well, nothing!
  • Find my old print cartridges so I can get them refilled for FREE at Walgreens on April 2 – I sooo need some ink too!
  • Download some recent songs I've received from HearitFirst. I have several in my inbox that need downloading. What's better than Christian music??? FREE Christian music!
  • Go back to MoneySavingMethod to finish signing up for all my birthday clubs! Since my BFF's birthday was yesterday, she got a FREE coffee at Caribou Coffee thanks to one of Carrie's tips!
  • That's all for now…I'm really thinking I want a nap now but gotta get some stuff done around this house!

    by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on March 13, 2008

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