Homemade Vanilla Extract

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Homemade Vanilla Extract

If you find yourself stuck between the inexpensive imitation vanilla extract and the real vanilla extract here is a recipe that will no longer make you choose. You can have both! A quality vanilla extract with a an inexpensive price point. Only 2 ingredients and just a few steps, the hardest part is the wait.

For best results you need to allow the vanilla to steep for 8 weeks minimum. This is a fantastic homemade gift for friends, co-workers and family members. I used vodka but you can also use Bourbon, Rum or Brandy.

As for price, this is much more economical to make! An 8-ounce bottle of real vanilla extract can run anywhere from $8-$20. Making it at home is under $5 and it couldn’t be simpler.

Homemade Vanilla Extract Ingredients

Homemade Vanilla Extract Directions

  1. Cut vanilla bean in half, slice up the middle to 1/2” from top so your bean remains intact. Drop vanilla bean into your bottle of vodka.
  2. Cap and store in a cool, dark place for at least 8 weeks before using.
  3. Once a week or so give bottle a good shake.
  4. When you use up vanilla, just add more vodka to make more. Just cover and allow to sit. Initially your extract will be clear, after one week of sitting it will have a slight brown tint to the liquid, it will continue to darken as it sits.
  5. Extracts are good for up to one year.

If you want to make other flavored extracts, use the same directions as above along with one of the following ingredients:

  • Orange: add zest of one orange.
  • Lemon: add zest of one lemon.
  • Almond: add 2 Tbsp crushed almonds.
  • Cinnamon: add 1 cinnamon stick.

When using a heavier add in, you will need to remove a small amount of vodka from bottle to allow for displacement of liquid. After letting extracts sit you may wish to strain out these larger pieces before using in your baking.

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