Homemade Coupon Booklet

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Homemade Coupon Booklet

Who doesn’t love a coupon?? Moms especially are suckers for the homemade coupons. Handmade or on the computer, all nice and neat is a special treat for that special loved one in your life.

This is a 5-minute gift that mom will fall head over heels for! Use these homemade gift coupons if you want an easy printable version.

Homemade Coupon Booklet Supplies

Homemade Coupon Booklet Instructions

  1. Print out or make your desired coupons.
  2. Stencil or Cricut your desired cover for your coupon booklet.
  3. Place the coupons inside of of your “cover.”
  4. Hole punch and string ribbon through to tie it all together.
  5. A note on the outside makes it even more personal.

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on May 27, 2014

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