Leaf Stenciled Chalkboard

Leaf Stenciled Chalkboard Craft

One of the best things about fall is there is always an abundance of leaves scattered about. Why not take advantage of these leafy freebies and find a way to integrate them into your crafting? All you need are a few basic household items and a smidgen of time, and in no time you can have this fun and functional piece of fall décor that you won’t be able to wait to use.

Leaf Stenciled Chalkboard Supplies

  • Cookie Sheet
  • 1 large, Fresh Leaf
  • Tape
  • Chalkboard Paint

You can use the same chalk board paint for this project as you used in the Chalk Label Napkin Rings project.

For our sample project, we were able to find everything we needed at our local Walmart store and in our yard. You can even use an old cookie sheet you are no longer using for this project if you wish. For the chalkboard paint, be sure to buy the spray as opposed to the roll on as it applies best. Leaves should be fresh, as dried or older selections tend to be more crinkly and can break when being sprayed.

Leaf Stenciled Chalkboard Directions

  1. Add a piece of tape to the back of your leaf and place it where you wish for your leaf design to be on your cookie sheet. Press it flat and make sure it has adhered well.
  2. Next, hold the can of chalkboard paint about 6 inches away from the cookie sheet and begin spraying. Spray right over the taped on leaf. Allow time to dry and apply a second coat.
  3. Once both coats are dry, you can then remove the leaf. As you can see, there is now a beautiful silver leaf design on the cookie sheet.

Once your chalk paint is dry, you can use basic chalk to write memos, shopping lists, or fun fall sayings. To erase the chalk, just wipe the surface clean with a damp cloth and allow for it to dry before writing again. Prop this piece up on a bookshelf or kitchen counter, or anywhere you can use a little charm of the harvest season.

See how easy it is to create this leaf stenciled chalkboard? Gather your supplies and give it a try!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on November 05, 2013


  • Bowdabra - October 10, 2014 @ 7:33 pm

    Congrats, Andrea! Your awesome project is being featured on our blog today in our Feature Friday Series. We love it!

    Happy Fall!


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