DIY Hidden Treasures For The Long Trip

Hidden Treasures Pack

We travel a lot either for vacation or to visit out of town family and friends. I have seen these little toys in the stores for upwards of $19. For me that is just not a smart purchase. Why not make it on my own, I thought. My girls just love this and I have since made quite a few to keep them on their toes. Get as creative as you want….a fun project that costs little to nothing!

Hidden Treasure Supplies

:: Jar
:: Hot Glue Gun
:: Rice
:: Small Trinkets

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Make sure bottle is clean and dry. I used an old canning jar.

{Step 2} Lay out all your small items/toys and take a picture of them and print it off.

{Step 3} Start filling the bottle, alternating rice with a few toys, until bottle is about 3/4 full. Leave room at the top to let the rice move.

{Step 4} Hot glue glue the lid on to be sure you don’t end up with a mess.

{Step 5} Give the bottle to your kids with a picture of the items in it and have them find all the items.

Hidden Treasures Activity

Project Cost

I spent NADA…but if you have to buy a cheap pack of rice go for it. If you can’t find a container around the house head over to your local thrift store. There is sure to be a deal there!  This is a great activity that can waste plenty of travel time!

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on June 04, 2013

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