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Back to School Coupons and Deals

Remember that survey you all completed a while ago? Well, I have been working behind the scenes taking action on what you shared. One of the biggest suggestions were to have high volume/seasonal deals separate from the rest of the deals and posts we share here at Savings Lifestyle.

I’m listening – YOU GOT IT!

Back to School Sales Site

Starting immediately we are separating several posts, starting first with the Back to School Sales. So, if you want to receive updates when there are new posts related to Back to School, sign up for our Back to School Sales List HERE.

Back to School Deals

Now I know what you’re thinking. Back to School already? My kids just got out! I know, mine did too. But, I started yesterday purchasing new school clothes and shoes for our boys. You can’t start early enough when you find a good deal! Being proactive will help you save :)

OK, so now onto the new school sales site. These posts will include the weekly sales for all of the local stores, updates on our Back to School Sales Price Comparison database (yes, it’s returning again this year with MORE stores), and other helpful tips to save on Back to School!

I have been posting stuff to the Back to School Sales site already (you can see it HERE) and the layout of the site has been updated so you can find this page if you want to visit instead of subscribe (but I would love for you to subscribe too).

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  • If you only want to receive the Back to School Sales, you will only receive that email (again, subscribe HERE for those).

So basically, you will only receive what you signed up to receive. We don’t send you anything else beyond that.

If you have certain posts or deals you would like to see,
please leave a comment in this post and let me know! I may do some videos too :)

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 06, 2013

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