Cupcake Onesie DIY

Cupcake Onesie DIY Project

It feels like my friends and family are never ending baby makers these days. I get so sick of scrounging through Babies R Us with that silly registry……I saw a different take on the perfect little baby gift and HAD to recreate it in my own unique way. This one was for our beautiful goddaughter.

Cupcake Onesie Supplies

:: Large Muffin Cup
:: Infant Onesie
:: 3 Facial Tissues
:: Packaging Tape/Double Sided Tape
:: Rubberband
:: Decorative Ribbon/Felt
:: Red Pipe Cleaner

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Stack the tissues on one another and crumble into a tight ball.

{Step 2} Lay out the onesie and fold in the sleeves to make a square.

{Step 3} Place the ball in the middle of the “square” and fold in each corner over the ball.

{Step 4} Use A LOT of tension and hold the “cupcake ball” as tight as you can. Feel free to use a rubber band to secure and them double secure it with some heavy duty packaging tape.

{Step 5} Place the cupcake in the muffin cup. I used a bit of double sided tape to secure the cupcake to the cup for added support.

{Step 6} Wrap some decorative ribbon  on the top and secure with double sided tape to give the illusion of icing. Rolling up the pipe cleaner is a fun look for the cherry too.

{Step 7} Add any other decorations to make it uniquely your own.

Cupcake Oneside DIY Gift

Project Cost

I found the onesie at a local baby store on sale for 3 of them for $9.99. I also had to buy a “cupcake holder” from my local craft store for $1.99.

All the other supplies I had around the house….but can be easily purchased throughout the year at your local craft stores to keep handy for projects like these!

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on May 07, 2013

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