Aldi Deals: Sale Week of May 26

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Many of the items you will find at Aldi are store brand, but they are backed with a 100% guarantee. The quality is just as good as other store brands, and even some name brands!

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Here are a few of our recommended hot items to pick up this week:

$0.19 Cucumbers

$0.69 Grape Tomatoes, 10 oz

$1.79 Little Salad Bar Flat Leaf Spinach, 9 oz$1.29 Multi-Peppers, 14 oz

$0.99 Strawberries, 16 oz

$0.89/lb Fresh Whole Chicken

$0.89 Fit & Active Whipped Topping, 8 oz

$1.99 Fit & Active Vanilla Nonfat Yogurt, 32 oz

$1.89 Friendly Farms Milk, Gallon

$1.79 Happy Farms Cheese Block, 8 oz

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If you are new to Aldi, you can read my Aldi Store Shopping Tips so you know why a quarter and your own grocery bags are imperative to shop there!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Amber on May 26, 2013

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