Home Depot Kids Workshop: Bird Feeder

Bird Feeder

Visit Home Depot this Saturday to make a Bird Feeder with your kiddos at the Kids Workshop. The Workshop runs from 9a-12p.

This would be great to put in the yard to watch the birds this spring!  My kids loves to watch the wildlife up close and personal.

Each Kids Workshop participant will receive a kid-sized orange apron (similar to a Home Depot associate apron) and an achievement pin.  The idea is that you will take the apron back each month to get your new achievement pin. I will say that we may have a few aprons since they *may* have been misplaced (and later found). (=:

All Workshops are free, but you should probably show up early to ensure you have a kit for your kiddo(s).

by Savings Lifestyle: Bridgett on April 03, 2013

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