Use Hanging Stuffed Animal Holder to Organize Stockpile

Use Stuffed Animal Holder for Snack Storage

I am not “extreme” couponer, but I do have a nice little stockpile that helps my family really save money! I tend to be a little OCD when it comes to organizing and reorganizing my stockpile. I had trouble organizing all of the snack foods and decided the stuffed animal organizer at IKEA would be perfect! Super score!!

Hanging Your Stockpile in Style Supplies Needed

:: Heavy duty nail/screw/eye hook
:: Stuffed animal holder (I prefer the one from IKEA!)
:: Food to fill it with!

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Follow the instructions included with the stuff animal holder to install.

{Step 2 } Organize and fill each section with your packaged foods. I used it to organize our snacks.

Snack Storage Ideas

Project Cost

I found the stuffed animal mesh storage at IKEA for only $4.  You can find it easily in the kids room area.  This is so well worth every penny for storing snacks!  Not to mention, it does not take much time either to install.

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on February 06, 2013

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