Create a Custom Menu & Meal Planning Binder

Menu Meal Planning Binder

Since becoming a SAHM to 3 kids under the age of  5, I have found that meal planning is a must. Being prepared for the day to day  is so crucial or off to a fast food place we run which is SOO not in the budget.

I used to have tons of cookbooks, copys of recipes and pages ripped out of magazines trashing the inside of my cupboards. This was so overwhelming. I have since taken over my cupboard space and  my binder is chocked full of recipes and ideas to make meal planning a dream!

Menu/Meal Planning Binder Supplies

:: Scissors
:: 3″ Binder
:: Plastic Binder Sheets and Dividers
:: Computer, Computer Paper & Printer

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Copy all the recipes you enjoy from each cookbook. Cut out the magazine recipes nicely as well.

{Step 2} I printed a plain calendar using Microsoft Word to compile my meal plan for each month. However, you can find free printable calendars on the internet as well.

{Step 3} Label the dividers by meats, pastas, breads, appetizers and desserts. However, I separated mine by Breakfast, Meals and Desserts. Find what works for you and go with it!

{Step 4} Slide the recipes in each plastic sheet.

{Step 5} Then, plan your meals for each month. I try to plan seasonal meals as a “guide” for each month. I can always erase what I have down or fill out a new calender as I find new recipes! Each calender was placed in a sheet once all filled out.  You can make a note of the page number of the recipe for quick reference.

{Step 5} Step back and admire your hard work. You can even name your binder?


Menu/Meal Planning Binder Supplies

Project Cost

I sold all of my old cookbooks to my local 1/2 Price Books Store since I no longer needed them. This helped me pay for the binders and rest of the supplies. Not to mention, all the space that I acquired from getting rid of the books.

You can find the binder for a little over $5 on sale during back to school sales. However, you can find them at thrift stores really cheap or you can watch for them for FREE after rewards at you local office supply store.

The plastic sheet protectors are around $2 for a package of 20.The dividers can range anywhere from $2-$3 depending if you purchase plain or fancy patterned ones.

The binder and supplies will only cost right around $10 or less.  However, you will spend a great deal of time copying and compiling your custom meal planning binder. This valuable resource will be priceless for the time saved planning meals in the future.

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on January 30, 2013

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