Fun Kids Craft: Plastic Bag Flintstone Style Bracelet DIY

Here is a fun, easy, inexpensive and not messy kids craft. I saw this similar design in a kids recycling book and my 4 year old proudly shows off her “Flintstones” style bracelet to anyone that will look at it!

Plastic Bag Bracelet Supplies

:: Scissors
:: Plastic Bag
:: Newspaper/Magazine

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Lay the bag flat and cut off the bottom. Then cut a band from the bag that is just a little wider than your hand.

{Step 2} Cut across the band to make a long strip (like the circumference of the bag). Tie a knot at one end of the strip.

{Step 3} Rip small pieces (about 1″ squares) of magazine and roll into a ball. These will become your beads, so make as many as you would like.

{Step 4} Place one ball next to the end knot. Pull the edges of the strip to cover the ball.  Then, twist the plastic and tie a knot.

{Step 5} Repeat step 4 until you reach your desired length and then tie the ends together in a knot.

Project Cost

This project is practically Free!!  You should have everything on hand to make many bracelets and along with some necklaces!  This is a great project to re-use these items that come into your house on a regular basis.  It would be fun for a rainy day activity or with neighborhood kids in the driveway on a beautiful day!

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on April 03, 2012

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