St. Patrick’s Day Fruit & Vegetable Platter DIY

Oh how my family LOVES fruit. Thank goodness I coupon for all the rest of the groceries, cause I have to take out a loan to cover the produce cost each week (LOL). I saw something similar to this holiday treat and had to recreate it!

St. Patrick’s Day Fruit & Vegetable Platter Supplies

:: Colors of the rainbow in fruits ( I didn’t have green grapes, so I used cucumbers)
:: Mini Marshmallows
:: Bananas
:: Platter

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Once the produce is clean and cut, lay it out in a rainbow across the platter

{Step 2} When all of the rows are done add some “gold” at the end with bananas and “clouds” at the other end with the marshmallows

Project Cost

Produce prices varies depending on the time of the year.  You can find mini marshmallows for around $1 when they are on sale.  I found the platter at Goodwill for a $1, but any lightweight platter will work fine.

Enjoy with friends and family or just sit on the couch with the kids and chow down!  This is a cute way to get the kids to eat their fruits and veggies while celebrating St. Patrick’s Day!

by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on March 13, 2012

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