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Savings Tracking Tool

In 2009, I created the first version of my Savings Tracking spreadsheet [2]. I have received SO MUCH interest in that document since it’s creation. Last year, I updated the spreadsheet with a few formulas and think it’s pretty slick. Well, mostly but I realize some of you still had problems with excel :(

Since I have personally seen the value of tracking my savings and spending, I wanted to find a way to add this spreadsheet as a tool on the site that is easier for everyone to use. I’m excited to officially launch the new Savings Tracking Tool!

This works much like the spreadsheet, only you can just enter your data and not mess with moving cells and downloading the spreadsheet and it not populating the fields correctly and… I really should just get on with telling you how easy it is to use…or you can watch the video above to see for yourself or follow the instructions below :)

So the idea is that you will enter the total amount spent and saved at every store you shop. While my initial intention is to use this to track my grocery savings, it can go beyond that (you could enter retail savings, dining out savings, etc). So let’s talk about each field really quick on the page.

You can easily create a new account by clicking here [3]. Once your account is up you will see your dashboard which looks like this.

The dashboard headers in blue calculate all of your individual entries. The fields calculate exactly how the savings tracking spreadsheet does. Only no need for messing up formulas.

This gives you the average amount spent each month based on the total amount spent and the total number of trips. This helps to show you if you are staying within your monthly budget…or blowing it out of the water cuz you’re a shopping superstar!

Total % Savings
This takes all of your transaction values and calculates the total % savings overall.

Out of Pocket
The total amount of money you have spent out of pocket for every transaction.

Total $$ Savings
This takes all of your transaction values and calculates the total dollar amount savings overall.

Savings $$ Coupons
This takes all of your Savings-Coupon entries and calculates the total coupon savings overall.

Total # Store Visits
This shows you how many transactions or store visits you have entered. I always enter each receipt as a separate transaction or store visit since each has a different value or savings total.

Savings Sale/Store
This field will auto-populate to give you the result of the coupon savings minus the overall savings. As a default, that will typically always be the sale/store promotion value so it shows you what you have saved as a result of store promotions primarily.

Grand Value Products
This calculates your total value of products by adding the out of pocket with the overall savings numbers. This is important to see since many times you can reduce your bill drastically just by coupons. It’s fun to know how much the product value is overall!

A date picker will popup for you to select the date of your store trip or transaction.

Store Name
Enter the Store Name. This is a freeform field so you can enter any store you want. This is good to have in case you want to do individual store analysis.

Out of Pocket
Enter the total out of pocket amount spent at the store.

Savings – Overall
Enter the total savings you achieved at the store. Many stores will give you an overall savings amount on your receipt.

Savings – Coupons
If your store splits out the total savings into store savings, coupon savings, or anything else, list the Coupon Savings here. Many of the stores I shop do this. It’s interesting to see how much of the savings come from the sale versus the coupon. If your store doesn’t split out the savings reasons, just enter a zero.

Just a place to enter any notes on the transaction. This is a good way to start to remember sales cycles and store promotions as well.

Once you add all of your data, it saves in this Transaction History section. The nice thing about this is that you can quickly select the Comments+ link and see all of your notes.

I REALLY hope you like the new tool. Sign up to use the Savings Tracking Tool for FREE [3]! I’m excited to have this developed and rolling out at the beginning of the year so you can use it all year long and track how your planning, couponing and stockpiling is adding up to something tangible in the grand scheme of your budget!

By the way, the Savings Tracking spreadsheet will remain available to use if you are an Excel geek like me. But, even I plan on using this tool so I can start entering everything online at any computer.