Pottery Barn Kids Flash Card Frames DIY Project

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I about died when I saw this great new art Pottery Barn Kids came out with…..and what did I immediately do?? Run to my craft room and recreate it for PENNIES.

This frame is retailed at $99 in their newest catalog. Unreal!! I was able to make these little jewels for my oldest daughters’ room with stuff around the house! You can too!

Flash Card Frame Supplies

:: Stencils of Numbers (or use a Cricut pattern)
:: Black Scrapbook paper
:: Ivory Scrapbook paper
:: 2 or more frames
:: Glue
:: Scissors

DIY Steps

{Step 1} Cut out the desired numbers you would like to include on your flashcards.

{Step 2} Size and cut the ivory scrapbook paper to fit neatly in the frame.

{Step 3} Glue the numbers evenly on the ivory scrapbook paper.

{Step 4} Cozy it all into the frame and hang as desired.

You will have that modern retro look that all your friends will just love and have to make for themselves….

Project Cost

I thankfully had all of the supplies necessary but in case you need to purchase your supplies, here is a breakdown of the cost:

$0 Stencils of Numbers (find online or use a Cricut pattern)
$3.99 Black and Ivory Scrapbook Paper (found at Craft Store)
$5 (2) Frames (purchase at Craft Store with coupon)
$0 Glue (already had)
$0 Scissors (already owned)

A Cricut is used in so many projects I do. If you are thinking about investing in a cutting machine, the best time to buy is the day after Thanksgiving!

The total was less than $10! So, even if you find yourself having to purchase a few things for this art project, it is nowhere close to the $99 retail price! And, you will have tons of leftover supplies for other DIY’s!

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by Savings Lifestyle: Emily on October 21, 2011

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