Aldi Deals: Sale Week of August 7

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Aldi as another great store to save. Many of the items you will find are store brand, but they are backed with a 100% guarantee. The quality is just as good as other store brands, and even some name brands!

If you are new to Aldi, you can read my Aldi Store Shopping Tips so you know why a quarter and your own grocery bags are imperative to shop there!

Here are a few of the great deals advertised this week at Aldi:


Mixed Squash, 24 oz - $1.29

    Celery - $0.59

      Baby Carrots, 16 oz - $0.49

        Red Grapes, 2 lb Package - $1.99

          Frozen Foods

          Breakfast Best Homestyle Waffles, 12.3 oz - $1.29

            Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Mini Pizza Snacks, 4.5 oz - $0.99

              Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Buffalo Chicken Pizza, 18.75 oz - $3.49

                Pasta + Quick Meals

                Cheese Club Macaroni & Cheese, 7.25 oz - $0.39


                  Millville Blueberry Pancake Mix, 28 oz - $1.49

                    Dairy + Refrigerated

                    Friendly Farms Gallon Milk - $1.99


                      Nature's Nectar Apple Juice, 64 oz - $1.49

                        Arizona Iced Tea, 23 oz - $0.79


                          Millville Chocolate Chip Granola Bars, 8.4 oz - $1.49

                            Pudding Cups, Chocolate or Vanilla, 4 -3.5 oz Cups - $0.89

                              Applesauce Cups, 6 - 4 oz - $1.29

                                Dino & Sharks Fruit Flavored Snacks, 10.8 oz - $1.69

                                  Fruit Bowls, 16 oz - $1.59

                                    Fit & Active Fruit Strips, All Natural, Blueberry or Mango, 3.95 oz - $1.99

                                      Store Only

                                      Aldi Thermal Tote - $1.99

                                        Anchor 6-Piece Round Glass Bowl Storage Set - $8.99

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                                          Remember, you cannot use coupons at Aldi. In my opinion, the store brand items are of high quality so you can save without cutting coupons! I typically never purchase name-brand products there (on discount) because you can usually get those cheaper at the larger grocery stores.


                                          Do you see anything else? Please leave comments if there is something else you would like to share. I always appreciate hearing from you!

                                          Check the Sale Shopping for other Store Coupon Matches!!

                                          by Savings Lifestyle: Amber on August 07, 2011

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