Chores and Quality Time Challenge


Getting it all done in a 24-hour day. That’s every parent’s struggle, right? Adding the kid’s messes on top of that and you have more work to do than imaginable! That is the challenge for my me and my husband. Trying to get the kids involved and accept the responsibilities to help out is yet another one.

For the longest time I have struggled with how to get our kids to know what they need to do for their chores. And, then getting them to do them on top of that so it helps give us more quality time was even more challenging. It’s not like they are eager to do additional work so we can enjoy more family time together. They are, after all, kids.

Our boys are good with helping but getting them to remember their responsibilities was a tough one. Even I couldn’t remember their chores at times and I would throw in something extra at their protests. Going from software program to paper to rewards charts was just creating more work for me since none seemed to work for us.

But, I think I found the magic bullet when it comes to saving more time and getting the kids to remember (and own) their household responsibilities. I eluded to it before with T helping with the explanation. I’ll be sharing in more detail what we do on this topic in a Genius Tip (which I really think it is!) next month.

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on April 21, 2011