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There are always offers out for FREE business cards. However, there seem to be quite a few out now so I wanted to do a round-up for you. But, first, I thought I’d share what I thought about how Business Cards aren’t just for typical “Suit and Tie Business.”

Over the past few weeks with a few new and normal, yet infrequent, situations, I thought up a few more ways these could help you pass along information in a few more situations. Really, these Free Business Card deals can come in handy if you are in a rush to pass your personal information to others.

Mom Calling Cards

I have suggested before that ordering these Free Business Cards as “Mom Calling Cards.” This is a good way to share your contact information as you go to moms meetings or play dates and meet new moms. You could even put your Moms or MOPS group information on the card and maybe a list of meeting dates on the back so they have it at the ready in case they decide to come!

Team Parents

Our boys play sports. I’m sure yours do as well. If it’s not sports, then it’s Boy Scouts, Girl Scouts, Awanas, fill in the blank, right? While most of these organizations get an email address during registration, it’s not always disseminated to the larger group of parents who you will being seeing on a frequent basis.

Using these cards, made as Team Parent Cards, to share your personal information with other parents is a great way to quickly pass (no football pun intended – HA) your stats (again, no sports humor here at all) to other parents you will meet (I got nothing on that one).

School Open House

Of course giving your personal info to your child’s teacher is imperative. You have to practically sign your life away with all of the school papers that are required to complete (not complaining, just sayin’ there is a lot it seems).

T has a summer Birthday and I never know how to get in touch with his friends for his birthday parties. Because, you know, a 10-year old (now 11, I should say) doesn’t necessary say, “Hey, what’s your phone number so we can just talk and stuff.” Yeah, not so much. So, these would come in handy to share with parents throughout the year so they know how to get in touch if their child misses an assignment, can’t remember what is on the lunch menu, or if they’re going to the Friday night game.

So now that you are thinking out of the box for ways to utilize these FREE Business Cards, here is a list of places to order them…for FREE, of course!

Vista Print

250 Business Cards FREE. Pay Shipping

Valid: Ongoing Deal


100 FREE Business Cards. Discount of $16.95. Pay Shipping.

Valid: Ongoing

Note: If you have a Mommy Snacks business card, I ordered the Mini Cards through Zazzle.

Budget Prints

250 FREE Business Cards. Pay Shipping

Valid: Ongoing

Overnight Prints

100 FREE Business Cards. Pay Shipping.

Valid: Ongoing

Kodak Gallery

50 FREE Photo Calling Cards. Pay Shipping.

Valid: Ongoing

What other ideas do you have for utilizing these FREE Business Cards?

If any of the sites above change their Free Business Card terms, I will be updating this post to keep the information current.

Disclaimer: This post contains a link to an affiliate. See my Disclaimer Policy for additional information.

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on August 30, 2010


  • Kelly - August 30, 2010 @ 10:54 am

    I have a set of business cards printed with my “freebies and giveaways” email address on it. I use these at restaurants to drop in their “free lunch” contests. That way my daily inbox isn’t filled with spam.

  • KimH - August 30, 2010 @ 8:58 pm

    When I moved from Texas to Ohio, I had my hunny who is a printer to make me some cards with my new address, telephone, & email on them. I passed them out to people at work I wanted to stay in touch with… saved me Sooo much time.

    I had some cards made up that say “That Gal with the Camera” with my contact info.. I take a lot of pictures at concerts and Im always asked if I have a card and/or if I’ll be posting them anywhere online so they can see them.
    I also do a bit of freelance photography and though Im not exactly a professional photographer, other people seem to think I am.. so I at least have cards to pass along when I run into someone who wants my info.

    I also am planning on getting some cards with my grand nieces emails and phone numbers on them so they can pass them along to their friends. I thought this would be a cute Christmas gift along with some personalized stationary and greeting cards ala Vista Print. ;)

    Its also easy to have a bunch when you’re going to a festival or other place where there are give-a-way drawings.. If they’ll let you, just drop a card in the bowl and save some time filling out forms.

  • Kandi - August 31, 2010 @ 9:57 pm

    We have a HUGE family, so remembering birthdays is never an easy task. For the big Christmas shindig this year, hubs and I got cards with our names, email address and home address. Then added on the backside our kids names and birthdays (ours too, along with our anniversary), just in case anyone needed to know.

    His aunt dropped us a hint to get cards with our kids full names and where they have college fund accounts set up too. While I wouldn’t recommend this for random handing out, it’s helped our kids get some much needed extra funds into their accounts from great aunts and uncles who don’t really know what type of gift to get the kids. They may not appreciate the gesture right now, but they will when it comes to paying for college ;-)

  • Nancy - January 04, 2011 @ 8:58 pm

    Our daughter, Rebekah, was born with a genetic disorder and a complex congenital heart defect. We are on our second box of 500 business cards from Vista Print (free!). We had cards made up with Rebekah’s name, blog address, a specific Bible verse we chose for her, my name and my husband’s name, and our email address. We have given these cards out to all kinds of people from waitresses to store clerks to people we meet in hospital waiting rooms. It is so easy to end a conversation with, “If you’d like to know more about Rebekah or follow her heart journey, contact us at this email, or follow Rebekah’s blog.” Invaluable!!

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