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I love shoes! While in college, I worked at a shoe store for about a year. Actually, Paul worked there first then I got a job there. Nepotism at its finest :) Yes, it was so precious that we both worked together at the shoe store during during our early education years before we wed. But, that job did not help with my shoe obsession, especially when we got a sweet discount!!

Whenever I need shoes, I usually shop at DSW. It’s inside the nearby mall so it’s an easy stop. They have a huge selection for me (and I’m guessing for men too, but I don’t do my husband’s shoe shopping so I really can’t confirm that one). The only shoe selection downfall is that not all stores offer kids’ selections. Because of that, I only shop there when I need something.

To be honest, I haven’t bought a lot of shoes lately to take advantage of this rewards program, but it’s still a good one!

Here are a few additional details on the DSW Rewards Program:


When you sign up for a Free DSW.com account, you will receive a 500 bonus points. That is 1/3 of the points required for your first reward! The site states these bonus points will be deposited into your account within 2-3 weeks.

Unlike many reward programs, you won’t need a membership card. However, you can order a card if you want. Just go into your account profile under the “DSW Rewards” tab and click “Request a Card.”

If you choose to go the card-less route, just give the cashier the phone number listed in your account as your identification. This will automatically add the points you earned on that purchase to your account. So don’t put a fake one in that you’ll never remember again (I may have done that once or twice‚Ķor lots).

If you forget all of the above, just keep your receipt and complete the “Request a Points Adjustment” form in your account profile (under the “DSW Rewards” tab).

For online orders, you DO have a member number. The number can be found under your Profile Information and is clearly identified as “My Rewards Member Number.”

Benefits + Rewards

You earn points with each purchase. 1,500 points equates to a $10 Rewards Certificate. Also, the regular price and clearance items offer different points:

  • Regular-Priced Items: (1) Dollar equates to 10 points
  • Clearance Items: (1) Dollar equates to 5 points

The Rewards Certificates have a long expiration date too, which is nice. You can save them and use up to three in one transaction to save even more. And, if you use three at once, that means you spent around $450 to get ’em :)

Bonus Benefits + Rewards

DSW also has a Premier Rewards program which offers different rewards for those who spend more. To qualify for the additional benefits a premier account holder has, you must earn 6,000 points, or $600, in a calendar year. There are a few additional benefits for Premier Rewards account holders.

  • Bonus Points
    You earn 50% more points with each purchase. So that $1 Dollar purchase that normally would net you 10 points will now net you 15 points.
  • Triple Points
    Premier Rewards members receive two cards each year to earn Triple points on a purchase. These are sent every six months.

Since you can monitor your points in your account at any time, you will see if you have met the point threshold for a Premier Rewards account. Current points are listed under your account profile.

FYI, I do not possess the Premier Rewards status :)

Birthday Freebie

Celebrate with some new shoes. Or, some socks with the $5 Birthday Certificate. Make sure your birth month and date is updated so you can get your certificate!

Additional Details

There is so much information under the FAQ section accessible within your account profile upon registration (under the “DSW Rewards” Tab).

While this doesn’t make a difference with your wallet, I have to say the DSW Customer Account access is one of the nicest, most understandable account profiles. If I need to quickly find how many points I have accumulated, the information is above the fold on the profile page. This makes it very easy to find what I need and get on with my day.

You can also follow DSW on Facebook and on Twitter for promotions and company information.

Are you a DSW Rewards Program member? Did I miss anything?
Now the real question – do you have a Premier Rewards account?? ;)

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on August 02, 2010


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