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I finally got in on the texting for freebies band wagon. I feel so alive!!! Well, not really :)

ShopText is a texting service that allows you to receive samples, coupons, enter sweepstakes and more. You can also make purchases directly from your phone through a secure mobile server (via a text). I actually only plan to use the service to request freebie at this point. But, it can all be done with a text from your phone!

I literally just signed up and requested my first freebie the other night. It was so simple! I registered online and sent a text with the freebie code. I received confirmation back immediately that my text request was received and I will get my freebie!

If you are interested in trying ShopText, here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up at (easier than doing the mobile registration)
    You could also text 467467 and complete the mobile phone registration instead
  • Upon entering your mobile number, you will receive a text with a security code
  • Enter the security code on the site (where requested)
  • Complete the registration
    I skipped the credit card section – it’s optional
  • Send your first (and ALL) ShopText freebie requests to 467467

Just remember what your mobile plan fees are for texting. We have the minimum texts plan on my phone. I rarely use those as it is, so sending a few texts for freebies a month is not a biggie. But, just make sure you know what your plan charges before sending any texts (Mom, did you hear that??!!).

Here are a few freebies to get you started when you join:

  • Betty Crocker Recipe Booklet and Coupons: Text the word BETTY
  • Always Infinity Pads: Text the word ALWAYS
    This one sent a text back requesting your age

As I see new ShopText freebies, I will be sure to share here as well!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on December 08, 2009

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