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I haven’t posted my Survey earnings in a while because I just haven’t had the time. I wanted to give you an update with my progress on the various survey companies I share in my Online Surveys to Earn Cash page .

I’m sure you have noticed that I haven’t been posting about these paydays lately. Again, lack of time but also because I am doing the same thing I did last year regarding payouts: I am holding all my money in my accounts (for those companies that will do that) until around September. At that time, I am going to request payments and use the money for Christmas.

Last Fall, I received over $180 from doing surveys for part of the year. I say *part of* because I cashed out a few before I started to keep the money accumulating in my account. AND, I also received money from the various survey companies that pay immediately upon survey completion.

In checking my earnings spreadsheet, I earned around $500 for all of the surveys I completed throughout the entire year. Some of the surveys required extensive pre-screeners and paid more than usual. I did turn down a lot because of the time versus the compensation offered. If it is only going to pay $3 and will take me an hour, it’s not worth it for me. Of course, that can be different for you, but that’s just my thinking on it.

Many times, the pre-screeners in these surveys can lead to the higher paying surveys or invites to private communispace/ning groups that pay for participation. I am a member of one group because of doing a screener survey (through Greenfield Online actually) for one of the many other surveys. So, through a pre-screener survey, I am now part of a group that pays me for a few comments a month! It is worth it if you have a little bit of time!

So, this year, while I haven’ t been able to do as many as I like, I still have some money accumulating. Be sure to check my Online Surveys to Earn Cash page to understand each company’s payout schedule and offerings (some have surveys and pay you to read emails so be sure to read that page). For this post, I am simply going to share my compensation details so far this year.

$72.18: Send Earnings

$10.16: Inbox Dollars

1,100 Points: Lightspeed Panel

$0 – Immediate Cash Out for Surveys: American Consumer Opinion

Haven’t completed any lately (tons of requests): Greenfield Online

Haven’t completed any lately (tons of requests): Opinion Outpost

Several $3 surveys in the past few months (didn’t keep track): Pinecone Research Panel you have to find a banner

2,450 Points: Epoll

Son just received a request for one last week: Nickelodeon Panel Polls

Haven’t received any sureveys lately: Livewire

15,970 Points: My Survey 1,000 points = $10

$91.75: Survey Savvy

$5: Survey Head

$9: Your2Cents

Zilch: Zoompanel they cancelled membership because of inactivity for 3 months. It is a good one!

Zilch: Gongos Consumer Village they cancelled membership because of inactivity.

$19.25: Valued Opinions

335 Points: Global Test Market

That’s that! So, over $200 to cash out and many other with points that I can either get cash from or prizes. To fully disclose, some of my balances reflect referral points, but the majority are from me doing these surveys or PTR emails. But, that is a good point for you to remember: many of these survey companies offer referral programs. If you sign up and like them, you can refer your friends and get credit too!

Have you had any success with online surveys lately? What is your favorite survey company? I’m always looking for new companies to add to my list. However, given my schedule, I really like the ones that offer cash over prizes so I can have it for money in my Christmas fund :)

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by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 16, 2009


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