Review: Bobarra Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag

A bag that you can actually keep your laptop in for airport security screening. Sounds too good to be true, huh? Well, according to Bobarra you can!

I was given a Bobarra Checkpoint Friendly Laptop Bag to review. With this bag, you are able to go through security without having to remove your laptop! While that is an awesome feature of the bag, there are so many elements to this beautiful bag that impressed me!

Design Aspects of the Bag

This Bobarra laptop bag is made with quality and durability and so many great details! When I first opened my box, I saw a bag. Well, you get your laptop bag in a nice cloth bag, just like you would in most high-end handbag shops. This is a very nice accompaniment since you can keep your laptop bag inside the bag when you aren’t traveling with it.

The bag comes in four different colors/designs and two different sizes. The Small size fits a 13″ laptop, while the Large size fits a 15″ laptop. I received the Large size in the color/design of The Lady Lindy in Barcelona (as pictured above). I have seen 2 of the other colors/designs in person and they are just as beautiful as the picture shows.

The exterior of the bag is beautiful. It is made of a stain and water resistant canvas. There are four metal feet on the bottom of the bag to provide protection.

The bag contains three total zip-up compartments:

The laptop compartment is soft and padded to provide adequate protection for your laptop. This compartment is the section where TSA security is supposed to be able to screen through during the security check-in.

The middle compartment is lined with the same design as the outside of the bag. When I saw this, I was impressed because you rarely see the inside of a bag lined this way. There is a clear zipper pocket that is removable. I used this pocket for my boarding pass and I.D. They were visible, easily accessible and closed securely inside the compartment so I wouldn‘t have to dig to find it. You could also store liquids in this clear zipper pocket so you could just easily remove it for security. This compartment is also large enough to keep other items too. I kept my wristlet in this middle compartment.

The third compartment is what Ill call the “work” compartment. I kept my notebook, calendar, phone, gadget batteries (phone, laptop, camera). This compartment has a zipper pocket to keep all of those small items you dont want to get lost in the bottom of your bag (I held my lipstick, gum and mints in there). There are also three small pockets stitched into the inside of the bag. These pockets are lined with the same exterior fabric (again, awesome detail) and one pocket has four pen/pencil pockets and an inner key ring holder. During my trip, I kept my cell phone in one of the pockets so it was easily accessible.

Bobarra Bag Interior Shot
Interior Picture. Bag shown is the Lady Lindy in Saigon.

Personal Use

I love this bag. I have received so many compliments! It is beautiful, stylish and functional. I really liked how the straps stayed UP on my shoulder when the bag was full of all my stuff. I had issues with my previous bag’s shoulder strapsslipping down. As you can see from the information in this review, the little details were what made me appreciate it. I also love all of the compartments and organization the bag offers! Who wants to rummage through their bag to find something?

I really wanted to see if I would have to remove my computer from the bag for security. The Bobarra website clearly states that you have to “pack the bag correctly to ensure an unobstructed view of your computer.” You are supposed to unzip the middle section of the bag and lay it flat so they can scan it properly. I didn’t do that like this You Tube video suggests.

I had a conversation with the TSA Screener during my trip to see if he was familiar with these types of bags (and hope I didn’t get interrogated or anything). Luckily, I had a nice Screener who said the bag would go through fine as long as the other compartments of the bag didn’t obstruct the view of the laptop section (yeah, that’s what the Bobarra website said too). I had him scan it anyway knowing there were tons of other objects that would obstruct it. Ultimately, we had to remove my laptop and run it through the scanner separately since I didn’t unzip the bag as I mentioned in the previous paragraph. The Screener said he has seen bags similar to the Bobarra laptop bag and they scan just fine.

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