FREE Recipe Booklets, Newsletters and Coupons

And, some of these newsletters or communities have coupon benefits too! That’s why signing up for these can really help you not with just inspiration in the kitchen, but also a small bonus to your wallet!

There are a several FREE recipe booklets and newsletters circulating now. I wanted to put them all in one snack for you to have quick reference to.

Betty Crocker: Dinner Made Easy newsletter and coupons!

Bisquick: FREE newsletter for recipe ideas and coupons!

BoxTops4Education: Printable coupons (allGeneral Mills brand)

Cooking with Stock: FREE recipe book with recipes that contain stock, of course.

Cooks Central: FREE Recipes and a Chance to Win a FREE KitchenAid Stand Mixer.

Earthbound Farms: FREE booklet with 8 recipes and a story behind the brand.

Farmer’s Market Foods: FREE Recipe Booklet.

Hidden Valley: FREE recipe download, Original Bites,using Hidden Valley as an ingredient.

Holland House Recipe Booklet: FREE recipe booklet and FREE coupons.

Jiffy Mix Recipe Booklet: Everyone knows Jiffy Mix! FREE recipe book using Jiffy Mix.

Jolly Cookbook: FREE cookbook.

Kraft Online Community (which I previously shared my excitement over :)

Pillsbury: FREE newsletter along with recipes and coupons!

Prepared Pantry: FREE How to Bake e-book. Receive a new chapter of the book each week for 8 weeks.

Slim-Fast: Coupons and a weight-loss community.

The Other White Meat: FREE recipe downloads and tips on cooking…you guessed it…pork :)

Have you seen any other worth the mention?

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on May 12, 2009


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