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sand art

This week, I am going to do an Extra Easy craft for ya! Actually, I saw all the stuff to make Sand Art while shopping at Target and thought, “this would be cool.” So, here’s all you’ll need to make your own Sand Art!

  • Sand (Target $1 Bin)
  • Bottle (Target $1 Bin) or Mason Jar – whatever clear container you want to use to put the sand in!

I told ya these crafts would be easy! All you do is:

  1. Add the colored sand in the layers that you want want it to appear in the bottle.
  2. Glue the top on the bottle so little hands don’t open and you have a sandy mess!

I know our boys will want to do football colors, that’s about as creative as the get when it comes to decorating stuff nowadays! They bleed Scarlet and Grey already, but hey, we are Buckeyes!!

So, this craft cost us about $4 for both of our boys to have their own Sand Art! My friend, Ang, sent me a 50% Off Michael’s coupon too if you decide to go there to purchase your stuff.

I’ll be posting pics this week of this craft (and the other crafts too). I have been a bit behind since I’m trying to create other memories with the kiddos and don’t want to force these activities in just to say we did it, but we’ll have time this week to get to them!

by Savings Lifestyle: Andrea on June 28, 2008

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  • Marianne Thomas - June 28, 2008 @ 2:34 am

    Andrea, I think you and I were visiting Sisterly Savings at the same time just a sec ago…LOL!

    Gotta say, those offer payout sites sound promising…I’m definitely looking into it.

    Glad that your offer will come through for you.

    And I, too, am just trying to survive this summer.


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